Exfoliate with Sugar… SWEET!

Exfoliate with Sugar… SWEET!

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Would you have ever believed that you can go to your kitchen pantry for a facial and body scrub ingredient? No…? Well believe it!  Sugar is the key ingredient to an inexpensive and natural way to exfoliate your skin. Your skin will feel so soft that you’ll ask yourself, why you haven’t done this years’ before?!

Sugar is a safe and natural exfoliant you can use because it is so gentle for sensitive skin and works really well. Salt can also be used as an exfoliant, but it can burn if it gets into a sore. Sugar is a great exfoliant. It’s incredibly cheap in comparison to over the counter exfoliants and it dissolves under water, so it’s easy to clean. One unfavorable part is that it is a bit sticky, but again, with water, it cleans off instantly.

As with all exfoliants, though, be gentle to your skin. Sugar is relatively fine, so the crystals shouldn’t irritate your skin. Any exfoliant can irritate if you scrub too hard – so be careful.

Here are a couple of recipes you can use. All of them are good, but use the one with the ingredients that work best for you.

Hand Exfoliant:

Recipe Option :

Mix Pioneer Sugar with a tad bit of milk. [Milk contains fats and acids that are great for your skin. It’ll act as a cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer all in one]. It binds the sugar together to create a paste which you can then rub on your body (if it’s too wet, just add more sugar. If too dry, more milk). Just make sure to use a high fat content milk like whole or 2% as opposed to skim for more skin benefits.

Recipe Option:

Mix together 2 tablespoons of oil (essential oils, safflower, or vitamin E oil) with 3 tablespoons of Pioneer Sugar.  Make into a paste and rub gently into hands.  Rinse well with warm water. Pat dry.

Body Scrub:

2 C Pioneer Sugar

1/2 C your favorite body wash

1/4 C oil (vitamin E, essential, safflower)

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl to make a paste. Add more sugar if the paste is too watery and more body wash if it’s too dry (it should resemble wet sand at the beach).

To use: Scoop a tiny amount of the scrub onto your fingers and apply to wet skin. Scrub gently in a slow circular motion (do not scrub into your skin). Rinse off. If desired, follow the exfoliating scrub with a gentle cleansing.

Rinse with warm water and towel dry completely. Moisturize your skin with a natural moisturizer.

This scrub can be used on your entire body and face. But be sure not to scrub hard especially on your face and near your mouth and lips. Exfoliate in the shower at least once a week to keep dry skin under control. During the colder months you should use a moisturizer daily to help keep your skin soft.

Store the remaining sugar scrub in a tightly sealed jar or container. If it has dried up some, just add a little more oil or body wash to freshen it up.

Exfoliate with Sugar… SWEET!
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